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aka the vandal

5/15/06 08:29 am


I AM SEEING THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS AND THE MARS VOLTA ON OCTOBER 20TH AND YOU AREN'T. i am so fucking excited for this but it is so far away. it wont be until my damn junior year. me and mario and his dad are going and it's going to be sweet.

also, nations plague cd should be out sometime in the next week or two. not sure if we are just giving them out for free or selling them. if we sell them it'll be like 1 or 2 dollars.

5/9/06 05:31 pm - BANANA TERRACATA PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just a reminder to everybody

nations plague show with skamasutra is this thursday at 6 o clock at grace community church on rochester hill road.

also the new chili pepper's cd is really good, different then the usual stuff, and the rest of the album is a lot better than dani california.

if your going to the show and want directions or a ride, im me and ill see what i can do.

4/19/06 05:24 pm

hey NIGGERS, nations plague is playing a show on may 11th at grace church on rochester hill road. we are playing with skamasutra and it is going to be a swell ass show. cost is free and it is at 6 o'clock. by the way this show is on a thursday. if you want to go and need a ride i might be able to give you one, so contact me if you want one. and remember, be there or be TETRAHEDRON. and also, tell everyfuckingbody. theres not gonna be and gay hardcore/emo bullshit so YAY!

maybe i should foget about my band that night and go up there and do a noseflute solo.

3/26/06 04:19 pm


2/23/06 11:31 pm

hey queers

im in a fresh new band, but dont think that NP is anywhere near its demise because it's not, and ill love that band until the day i die.

but yeah, this new band, is gonna be viking music, and i can't wait until the first jam session. im not sure if we're just going to be doing viking music, but for now, that's all we want to accomplish is to make some viking songs, then we will probably move onto some other things because it would be pretty hard to pull off a set that consists entirely of music that vikings would listen too. oh and by the way, i am not playing guitar in this band, i am laying keyboard but ill most likely end up playing some guitar riffs just cause i know i wont be able to keep my hands off of the stringed instruments. other people in the band will be alek on drums, andy bus on guitar and most likely other instruments, bobby davis on guitar, jason trevino on bass, JAMES BISBEE so im told on vocals, and a few other people who's names i have no clue on flutes and french horn. i think that's everybody.

as for nation's plague, we have a few shows lined up for the future, we have a battle of the bands on april 15th i think at someplace near alton called either kingswood, kingston, kingstown, kingsfield or kings-something. we have a show for may at alek's church which will be featuring a performance by skamasutra which should be fucking sweet. and last but not least there's supposed to be a show in pittsfield that we might play sometime this summer which i have no information about other than that it's a show and we might play there and it will take place at the time of year where there is usually warm weather.

my glue stick says that it is acid-free; do you think they mean LSD free?

my mom is a maniac that gets a little too excited over ring dings when i have friends over.

i am a person that watches informational television channels a little too much, like National Geographic, Discovery, and History.

i think if led zeppelin were to dedicate a song to me right now it would be ramble on so i think i will make this entry come to a screeching hault.


2/3/06 08:04 pm

so, i've been around the sun 16 times. wahoo. straight A's for me. Mr. Alberghini for me for the second year in a row. im currently in driver's ed.

this is the dryest entry yet. i watched the movie waiting and it was better than i thought it would be.

comment with a fuck you if this so boring you could barely read this whole thing.

1/15/06 11:17 am

well, im going to update for the first time in 17 milleniums.

so christmas was great, i got a MARSHALL STACK, a new pedal board, the jekyll and hide ultimate over drive, a tuner and some other shit. ryan got me a sweet sabre toothe tiger pipe, cris the faggot got me an alien dvd box set which i still need to fucking watch when i get some damn time, erika got me origins, caitlin got me a hendrix door poster which i still havent recieved yet, mario got me some strings, and alek got me dick pills . . . fucking bastard. i cant think if anybody else got me anything, but if they did, i didnt mean to forget you im just bad at remembering things, sorry.

my band has a lot of new material, including a 55 second punkish hardcorish song with opera like vocals. makes sense.

i never have anything good to update about. balls.

12/17/05 08:07 pm

isn't everybody excited to see me update?!?!?!?!?!?!

thought so.

so, my mom is kinda cool actually, and im not being sarcastic.

this time of year = stressful.

yeah, im just blabbin' if you didn't notice. read id you'd like. but this entry isn't really anything dramatic or anything, so you don't have to read it.

the dynasty gave me a cool calender and said i'm a valued customer. it's actually probably one of the best calenders i've ever owned. its like a scroll made of tiny little things that look like they'd be on shades and each is individually colored so that the all fit together. and it has a menu on it. I like them. I don't ever plan to screw them over now. but i hate their fortune cookies. one called me a gardener and the last one called me a lion. they are obviously complete bullshit and random because a lion would never plant things, its a carnivore, so i know at least one of the fortunes is lying.

blab blab blab.

out of my friends i only have one person left to buy for which is good. i hate giving people chirstmas presents when you don't know if they'll like them or not. it's a shitty feeling.

i want own a bach cd. im starting to like my beethoven cd a lot more (compliments to caitlin wenzlau)
i want a lot more porcupine tree cds too. wonderful band.

i miss jamming, it makes me want to cry.

11/9/05 01:50 pm

all im posting for is to say one thing

i don't believe in god anymore, like as in any type of high power that knows everything we do. i just dont think it seems all that probable at all. so yeah when i sneeze and shit, don't say bless you please cause i hate that alot, i've hated that for like a year actually. and just don't involve me and god in the same sentence please. my only excpetion saying like oh my god cause i mean, what else are you going to say?


10/16/05 05:58 pm

awwwww yeuh

me = hanging out with dorothy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8==D

i love almost getting beat up by DEREK RAND. it's wicked fucking sweet and makes my day. i also enjoy getting splashed by cars and such. and another thing i love is waiting for stuff in the pouring rain for 1.5 hours.

me and the plague wrote a new tune today. its pretty keen.

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